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Friday, September 25, 2015 - Ultimate Home Staging Checklist

Staging a home to sell is a conscious effort to prepare your home a step above 

the competing listings on the market. You want a potential buyer to walk into 

your home and feel like they have to have it! Staging is not easy to do but with 

some effort the results could truly pay off. Here’s a checklist on how to 

impress from curb to closet:

• Cut and water the lawn, and trim and prune all trees and shrubs
• Remove pet waste, leaves, and weeds from the yard along with tools, toys and 

other visible items
• Clean all exterior doors and windows on house and garage
• Paint the exterior trim and stain the deck and fence 
• Stage an outdoor sitting area with flowerpots, pillows, outdoor carpets, and 

fire pit or fountain
• Install outdoor solar lighting along all driveways and walkways in front and 

back yard
• Replace your mailbox, house numbers and paint your front door for a quick curb 

appeal facelift
• Paint the interior – including walls, doors, ceilings, closets and trim – in a 

neutral beige or grey
• Remove all shoes, jackets, keys, mail, umbrellas and bags from entrances
• Lubricate doors, furniture and windows to eliminate squeaks 
• Remove ALL but the essential items from countertops in the kitchen 
and bathrooms
• Clean INSIDE and ON TOP of all appliances including refrigerator, microwave, 

dishwasher and oven
• Dust entire home including ceiling fans, light fixtures, air vents, 

lampshades, TV’s and electronics
• Clean door frames, doors, windows and window sills, walls, light switches, 

trim and baseboards
• Place a large bowl full of one fruit such as lemons or apples on the kitchen 

countertop or table
• Change cat litter and keep it out of sight along with pet food bowls, pet beds 

and pet toys
• Use fresh plants and flowers to compliment a focal point of the home
• Use an odor neutralizer with a fresh scent even if you don’t think you need 

• Replace all light bulbs with maximum watts and have all lights on and all 

blinds and draperies open
• Depersonalize the space by removing family photos, trophies, mementos and 

magnets on the fridge
• Coordinate décor accessories, pillows, and artwork with no more than two 

accent colors per room
• Float furniture away from walls, into conversational groups, and place so the 

traffic flow is obvious
• Arrange décor accessories in groups of three – a small, medium and a large 

item clustered together
• Vary the pattern and grouping of wall hangings and have one or two large focal 

pieces in living area
• Pack unnecessary items and furniture – at least 1/3 of your home and store 

them OFF the property
• Don’t neglect storage areas – place items in plastic containers and neatly 

stack on shelving
• Leave commercial-free easy listening music playing at a low but audible volume 

on in the house 

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